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Yes I thought I would give you one or two challenges to keep you busy as there was going to be a gap after number 6 Manney.

Don't worry, when Singularity 7 comes along it will be easier, I promise!
Hi Kate, only now tackling session 5&6 after the warm weather! Definitely much more challenging than the previous 4! But I’m hoping lots of repetition will start to anchor some of the new tunes a bit more. I enjoyed the sight reading rhythm exercise!
Hi Kate, I’m finding Slow Down the biggest challenge yet! Counting, breathing, phrasing! You’re certainly keeping us on out toes. X
Hello Kate,
It's good to have a taste of Scotland and Rabbie Burns again.
Greatly enjoying this unique experience. Didn't know about overtones ! Exciting. Thank you 🙏 Kate. I haven't heard of singing into the open piano before either and am looking forward to giving the neighbours a dubious treat..when I have the strength to remove the clutter on top of said piano. I appreciate Alex's sensitive illustrations too. Thank you for spoiling me with hard copy and cd Kate. It's so much easier for me.
Hope I can justify it!
Hi Manney

Yes, approaching the solo in that way was a response to some participant feedback, but my instinct is the same as yours, that it probably is better for most users to have a snapshot of the whole tune and use the pause button as needed. Re: song 2: it might help to look at the emailed score which has one line above the other? I left that off the web version as it took up a lot of space and I thought the two separate ones were easier to view! Line 1 begins on an upbeat and then line 2 comes in on the very next downbeat.

Just started session 2, found it challenging,! I didn’t get on well with the first one, doing one phrase at a time and was relieved to find the whole thing at the end of the demo tape. I need to get a feel for the shape and rhythm of the song and then keep listening and repeating till it begins to stick. I loved the foot tapping but haven’t got the hang of how the second song bit fits in. And the last one also difficult, but I’m enjoying the challenge. It will take a while to get to grips with session 2 !
Loved the pics and poem at the end. Brilliant! X
Hi Kate
Here are some possible lyrical contributions to the devised piece featuring birdsong and joyful responses to the coming of summer:
Bluebells in secret woods... Flowers reaching out to the sun. ...Long, lazy evenings...Thinking of falling in love...Letting the outside in...Bringing the outside in...Buds becoming blossom becoming fruit...Sun kissing skin...Thinking of my holidays...The pull of the beach and golden sands...The shedding of clothes and inhibitions...An annual recovery reminder...The sound of chirping birds and the smell of freshly cut lawns...Feet up with a beer/glass of wine going down.
Hope they are of use

Hi Kate, just did this first lesson and loved finding my voice again! I loved doodling and then singing my doodle! Great fun!
I found the first song fairly easy to pick up but not so with the second and third! I shall keep at it until I feel more confident with them. Thanks so much.