My work is sourced in singing and I draw on techniques and approaches from theatre and creative writing.


I’m dedicated to providing opportunities for people to find their unique voices through creative expression:


I follow participants’ interests and ideas and together we make soundscapes, songs and text for performance.  I often record these outcomes. This is meaningful for participants and their loved ones and can be a great aid to raising self esteem. For example, it’s a real joy to be able to share the work of an elderly person with dementia with family members so that they can hear how engaged he or she has been in the creative process.

       People Play On has worked with include:

  •  Choirs - especially community choirs and singing groups. I always welcome people who have been told in the past they are “tone deaf”.
  • Refugee and migrant communities
  • People with learning difficulties
  • People with disabilities and long term mental and physical  health issues
  • Older people in care settings 
  • Cross generational groups
  • Children in schools and informal settings

I also offer training to staff in community settings to boost their confidence in delivering their own activities.  I particularly like to work in partnership with professionals from different disciplines who bring their own skills to the process.


I have an interest in creative methods of reflection and evaluation and I incorporate these into my sessions whenever possible.